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I Will See You Later Little Sister!

On the morning of November 20th Amy was at home surrounded by family when she decided it was time. For 5 years she showed cancer who was boss, she left when she was good and ready. My parents had gone into the other room and I was alone with Amy for a little while. I rubbed her fuzzy head, told her I loved her, I would take care of mom and dad, and that it was OK to go. Within seconds she very peacefully took her last breath.

Why did she fight so long? I think it was that she is a stubborn pain in the ass… Yup, pretty sure and those of you who were close to Amos can back me up on that! Incredible pain and suffering were irrelevant while she could still make an impact on our lives. She was hell-bent on ensuring we had what we needed or even just what we wanted no matter what she had to endure to give it.

She has always been my voice of reason. I could give her a big blurry sloppy blob and she could find the lines and read between them. Just about every big decision in my life was ran by her first. With no filter she would tell me how it was even if it was not something I wanted to hear. She finished with a perfect record; never once did she lead me astray. THANK YOU SO MUCH AMOS!!!

For those of you that take care of your parents you know what a tough job it is. Amy has long been the one to ensure or at least attempt to keep them inline. She moved in with them when her second round of cancer started. On day one dad was informed that there was a new sheriff in town. She was absolutely in charge, even the cats listened to her. Amy did an amazing job and raised a great set of parents. She was tough but always showed them lots of love. A few days ago Amos opened up her eyes, looked right at mom and dad and said “You’re Amazing”. These were the last words spoken by her and truer words have never been spoken. In my last words to her I said that I would take care of them. This was enough to put her at peace and know she could start her journey. My parents laughed yesterday when they pointed out it was now my job. I have informed them that “Take Care Of” can mean many things. I could for example bring them out back and “Take Care Of” them. They have been warned!

Of all the people Amy’s “favorite” niece Allie held the biggest piece of her heart. Their relationship was incredible, they talked about everything. As a dad there were plenty of things that are tough to talk to a teenage girl about. Amy was so close to Al that these conversations were often already had prior to me asking. With those two in the same room you rarely went long without laughing. Boy were they hard on each other, so fun to watch the back and forth banter. If Allie ever lost both of her parents, it was off to live with auntie Amy for her. Allie was still in quarantine and Amy was sleeping most of the time so we setup a video conference earlier this week. Amy adjusted her bed so she was sitting up and could see Allie on the TV. As always, they ribbed each other a bit and shared love. This was the happiest I had seen Amy in a long time. Amos was smiling and laughing as if she had no pain and was cancer free. This was the last time Allie and I had a full conversation with Amy. It was incredible and I am thankful it was so fun and full of happiness. Thank you for putting on such an entertaining show and making your aunt so happy. Amy loved her “Bear” more than anything.

The thing I will miss about my sister is without question is her relationship with Allie.

Even with how tough things were she still gave far more than she took.

She always warned me that she would be watching and could harass me from above. To make sure she does not haunt me I need to pick on her. Could not think of a better way to do this so I have included a few “Interesting” photos of her.  There is a video in the works and I can promise it will be full of them!

Going to leave you with something and ask you honor Amy by making an effort to do it. Amos always greeted and smiled at everyone! She said you have no clue what some is going through at the time you encounter them. She went out of her way to always thank those in uniform and often anonymously picking up their tab. A simple gesture can put a smile on their face or have even greater impact. This takes minimal effort, DO IT. Such a simple thing yet it can change the world.

Amy is still teaching me things, today I learned something new. Glasses make it hard to wipe away the tears while you are trying to type.

We love you AMOS!

Hawaii Christmas 2019

Photos from the video

Pay It Forward

My little sister wanted me to ask everyone that rather than sending flowers, please donate to a charity that was close to her heart. In her 5-year battle they were there with her all the way.

Pay it Forward helps women cancer patients pay their bills while they are going through treatment. 100% of donations go directly to the pay their bills!

Amy loved this charity so much. You can see her on smiling face at the Casino Night fundraiser page I have talked about how brave my sister is, so brave that she even volunteered to get up and speak in front of everyone. Volunteered!

In typical Amy fashion she wanted to give more than she would take. Please help us in ensuring Amy accomplishes this.